Cracker Khanrose Biography

Cracker Khanrose Biography

This is a brief biography that you know a little more Khanrose
Khanrose is one of my friends, and now one can say cracker is a powerful Yahoo

Questions Me & answers Khanrose:

1-Where are you from? i am pakistani live in ksa

2-How old are you? i am 25 years old(2012)

3-Education?  B.S.C /civil eng

4-Religion?  muslim

5-Jobs?  nothing

6-What a year into Yahoo? i joined internet from 1999

7-What music do you listen to most? lover songs

8-What programs do you crack? What is your reason?  in any project i always successfull if i want

9-What I have learned from the crack?  enjoyment

10-What year did you start to crack?  from 2010

11-What is the best program that you use?  i not using yahoo shit programes

12-What was the first program you crack? super vox 1.22

13-In one sentence, tell Yahoo: fxxck yahoo & paid coders

14-What is your opinion about the site's file-24?  file-24 is my friend site and nice site,site owner is nice man.


Khanrose has succeeded to crack the following programs,I tried to put the name of all of the available the programs 2011-2012 years:

  1. Big Spammer Final
  2. BootNet 7
  3. CoderZ-Inc Room Cracker Vip
  4. d30 9.7
  5. Elite Chat 5.2 ~Captcha Fixed
  6. Knock Deactivater v1.0
  7. Loader S-B and more...
  8. MnT Console Vox (Build 1.04C)
  9. MnT Revolution Vox
  10. NCC Illegal-IDS
  11. ProxyGrabber 5.38 By Markus
  12. Proxywire 15
  13. Sharpshooter 4.7 Loader
  14. Sonic Socks Leecher
  15. SuperVox Gold 1.96
  16. Vc Charger 14
  17. VC Charger v16
  18. Xelerator 2.0
  19. Conf Voice King 4 By Killer Anas
  20. Room Domination 16  By Killer Anas
  21. Fast ID Maker 15 By Killer Anas
  22. Soft Vox 14 Cracked By By Killer Anas
  23. Multi Vox Domination 2.0 By Killer Anas
  24. Yahoo ID Machine v1.0 Cracked By Khanrose!

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