R4 Vox 3.4 Fixed By H1TL3R 100% Working

 R4 Vox 3.4Fixed By H1TL3R
100% working in conf

Khiladiiii cracked this programs at 04-24-2010

This programs only working Conference mode...

must watching video TUT,beacuse have trick to login...

Working 100%

 R4 Vox Version 3.4 VIP Black Edition

-New Security!
-Voice Sound Level Bars for Yourself and other Voicers...
-Added ID And password Memory, so you dont have to Type ti Each Time You open it...
-Added Proper Activation Required Secuirty after the Cracking of my v2 Vox Freeware.
-Fixed Voice Domination Bug... That make you Drop Voice every Refresh..
-Added Hidden Auto Cookie Server Change, IF Banned.
-Ymsg15 SSL Login!
-Uses SP1 Servers (Gawd Mode Cabable Servers)
-Recommended use Sub profiel Alias ID, So Gawd Mode can Work!
-Recommended Enable Gawd Mode after Entering any Room! 100% Unbootable!
-Yacscom Voice
-Built In Domination With Custom Adjustable Refresh Rate!
-Built In Anti Voice Lagg!
-Built In Special Ghost ID Detection & Auto Ignore!
-Advanced Auto Ignore All Keyups!
 (Catchs All Voice Lagging/Scrolling Mass Bots, Even Ghosts)
-Auto Ignore All New Arrivals Option!
-Volume Control & Mute
-Ignore User Talking Option
-Supports Sending Chat Message to Room!
-The Login Screen Hides Nicely
-Small Easy To Use Vox, All The Best options!

                                                   Video By: H1TL3R-P0W3R



  1. hello hitler bro thanx for fix it and its really works ... dE3p

  2. Yes ...Its Still Working 100%

    Thanks For Comment.....


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