YahChatter + Portable

YahChatter + Portable !

YahChatter is/will be a 3rd party Yahoo chat client written under the .NET Framework environment. It will include most common features found in Yahoo Messenger as well as other 3rd party chat clients.
It's interface will be clean and easy to use. There will be plenty of places to find what you're looking for and extra options any user can use with ease.
It's purpose is to combine functionality while also delivering top performance and a sleek look.

Be sure to check your error log which is stored in your app data path as is most everything else. If you do not know what your app data path is, it is normally going to be be c:\users\yourname\appdata (windows 7).
There will be two directories there. One will be for the client and another for the vox (YahChatter and YahChatter Vox). In the YahChatter folder will be your error log, wildcards, ignores, safe listed users, etc.

YahChatter's information:

YahChatter's main information is stored in your computers application data path. This is done so that you don't have to have admin rights to add wildcards, ignores, etc.

List of things stored in this folder are :
Id tokens
Error log
Recent rooms
Favorite rooms
Username wildcards
Message wildcards
Ignore list
Safe list
Config files

The vox also has it's own folder that stores it's configuration in it. This is so that other voxes can be used with the client such as Sharpvox.

In YahChatter's folder in your program files directory, the servers lists, images, and emoticons are stored.

How to access commands :
You can acccess the commands by typing /commands or /help in the chat area. You do not have to be logged in to do so.

Download YahChatter
Link Instal-version  Portab Version

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