All Patch Windows (Theme-Termsvr-Tcp/ip)

All Patch Windows (Theme,Termsvr,Tcp/ip)

Patch Include:
-Patch windows xp
-Tcpz and UXTender

Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7, All SP*, All 32bit (x86) / 64bit (x64)
Increase the limited value of half-open (incomplete outbound) TCP connection.

TCP/IP Patcher Compare Technical Features:

On Internet there are all kinds of TCP/IP half-open Limited Patchers, according to the modified target, can be divided into two types: File Patcher and Memory Patcher.

File Patcher, patch the file Tcpip.sys on harddisk.
This action will break out the digital signature, system will not to boot at normal mode.
You must press key F8 at boot menu, and select 'disable digital signature enforcement'. Otherwise, a BSOD will come to your screen.
You can install ReadyDriver Plus to press F8 automatically.
Another method is sign tcpip.sys with a test signature, then system can boot in test mode normally without press F8. System must enable test mode, otherwise, BSOD comes.

Memory Patcher, patch tcpip.sys in system memory.
This is the best way to patch limited of half-open connection.

It does not direct modify the file tcpip.sys itself, so there is no damage to tcpip.sys.
There is also a advantage of Memory Patch is flexible control and modify the limited value of immediate effect, do not need to restart the computer.

Ordinary File Patcher (Not repair digital signature), the representative: Patcher within Thunder and Bitspirit, VistaTcpipUacPatch, and so on, many fall into this type of patcher.

File Patcher (With Test digital signature), the representative: Universal Tcpip.sys Patch, Half-open limit fix?

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