Yahoo! Public Conference's (U.S) v1.1.0

"Yahoo! Public Conference's (U.S) v1.1.0"

after closure  all yahoo rooms,group of programmers decided to create a public yahoo rooms(confrance public)are published,r4s is one of them....
But they must accept that Yahoo's life has ended!

In any case, if you are eager to use this program,follow the Continue Reading...

Yahoo! Public Rooms Features:

-Does This Use 3rd Party Chatting Software? = NO
-Does This Connect 100% Through Yahoo (U.S)? = YES
-Can We Join Public Chats With Illy IDs Safely? = YES
-Can We Use 3rd Party Tools Like YTK/Y-Tunnel? = YES
-Does This Work With Any Version Of Messenger? = YES
-Can I Create, See Publically, And Join Chats? = YES
-Can Famous Chat Clients Update To Support it? = YES
-Is This Program For Public Yahoo! Chats Free? = YES
-Is This Safe And Not Stealing Account Info? = 100% Safe YES
-Do I Need To Install Anything? = YES & Its 100% Clean

What Update's Can We Expect In Future??

-I Plan To Add A Built In Yahoo Shield To Protect You!!!
-Protect How? Hook Yahoo, And Block IP Grabbing & Boots!
-I Plan To Add A Forum/Help Area To This Site Very Soon!
-NOTE: When New Version Released, Updating Is Required!!

Home page:
About: Question
Who Said R4 Cant Bring Back Yahoo USA Public Chat Ability?? lol
Here It Is.. Time To Chat On USA Yahoo Again Everyone!!

The Program Itself, Is Only To See List Of Public Conferences To Join!
And To Also Start A Public Conference!!And Host One If Desired...
Basically If Your Just Joining A Public Confy Chat Its Easy!!

Double Click The Confy Chat Name You Want To Join From List..
It Opens A PM To Host ID For That Room.. You Send A PM Saying..
'JOIN' << And Then It Replies With A Captcha Code :p
You Type The Captcha, Send It Back In PM... And Get Invited!!
And You Accept The Invite To Complete Joining The Confy Chat!!
If Confy Chat Is Full, It Will Reply To Your JOIN Request Saying FULL!!

To Enter A Public Confy You Need To Have Open PM's To Non Buddies!!
Otherwise You Cannot Communicate With The Host ID To Join :p
Confy Chat Join Limits Are 50 User.. Then It Gives Confy Full Response!!
Most User's Will Want To Run Some Kind Of Anti Boot Shield.. Like YTK!!
To Help Be Protected While Chatting In Conference's!! And Be Safer!!
In Time... I Will Also Release A Yahoo Messenger Sheild!! To Protect,
You From Booting, And IP Grabbing, In Confy's And PM's!!

It Use's Yahoo Messenger, And Confy Windows For Chat An Voice!!!
Program Automatically Also Patches Your Yahoo Conference Window,
To Remove The "Invite User" Option In Conference Menu Smile
Meaning If Using Program Correctly... Confy Chat Window's...
Wont Have The Ability To Invite User To Confy Directly!!
Meaning People Should Only Be Joining Using PM JOIN Request!!
And No One Should Be Directly Inviting Any ID's Into The Confy's!
Which Will Help Alot, To Prevent Confy Chat's Getting Ruined..
Or Out Of Sync, For The Conference User List, etc.

As For 3rd Party Chat Clients.. This Is 100% Conference Based!!
So It Very Easy To Update Chat Clients To Use Conference Packets!!
And Support Conference's If They Just Take The Time...
And To Add Support For Joining.. Is Just A PM.. To The Host ID!!
Saying JOIN, And Then Do The Captcha!! Easy As To Support That!!
The Rooms Listings... Is 1 Connection And Packet To Rooms Server..
And Then Parse The Response Appropriately!! If Anyone Client Makers,
Want An Example Made To Show How To Do The Rooms Listings...
Just Email Me At , Il Be Happy To Help You,
Update Your Chat Client, To Work With Y!PC , Yahoo! Public Conferences!
This Idea Really Is A Simple One, But Effective, And Easy To Support!!
No modules Needed, No Server Side Coding From Me Needed To Support it,
So Not Like YAH-TALK... The Other Yahoo USA Chat Rooms Plugin Program!!
Which Is Far To Difficult For Others To Update And Create Support For!!
So Chat Client Makers, Like Supra, Yahelite, Yazak, Etc...
Need To All Contact Me Please.. To Update You Software To Work..
With Y!PC... And Then We Can All Safely Enjoy Yahoo Conference's!!

Thanks, And Enjoy, Program Made By R4 Aka Dean!!

Video Tutorial-Important :

R4 Yahoo! Public Conference's (U.S) v1.1.0

-Current Version Updates: 1.1.0
-Updated Method For Creating Public Conferences!!
-For Now, Private Key Code Is Needed To Host Public!!
-You Can Request Your Own Private Key At Y!PC Forum!!
-Or Request One At The Y!PC Section Of The R4 Forum!!

In Version 1.1.0 And Up... You Need A Private Key Code,
To Create Public Conference!!

And Then You Will Be Able To Create Just 1 Public Conference,
Using This Special Private Key Code Given To You!!

This Is To Prevent Exploiting of Rooms Listings.

Note: You will have to send site pm to R4 to get Private KeyCode.


Developer: r4s
Size / OS: 700 KB / Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8 /
License: Free
Last Updated: 14/01/2013

Installation Guide:

1 - Install the software.

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