YahTalk v1.0.0.0(Beta) + Video Tutorial

"YahTalk v1.0.0.0(Beta) + Video Tutorial"

YahTalk is NOT a third party chat client,at the initial release only Yahoo! Messenger 11.x.x will be supported.YahTalk will work with and only with Yahoo Messenger at its initial release.
ALL of the features you currently have access to on Yahoo Messenger will remain an function (this includes your pms, cams, voice, etc...)

YahTalk Beta [updated Feb 7, 2013]

Your password will not be exposed to any third party or to YahTalk you will be the only one with that information.
YahTalk 100% authenticates to Yahoo both for chatting and voice so if Yahoo Kills your ID its gone as before.

The easiest way I can put this is think of YahTalk as a plugin that allows you to have the same chat experience as you did before with the same interface and same features.


Here are some common questions that can be answered at the moment about YahTalk. I will update this information as things are released to explain most questions asked.

Does Yahtalk use Japan Servers: No. It Authenticates using US yahoo servers.

Will I have to install anything: Yes. You will need the YahTalk client and the current version of Yahoo Messenger.

Will YahTalk work with other clients besides messenger: At the moment no, but there are plans in the future to implement YahTalk with other popular clients.

When will YahTalk be released: We are shooting for a mid January release.

Who is the developer for YahTalk: Bruce Wiggins AKA shinkaiho

What Language is YahTalk Created in: C#

I Would like to be a beta tester how do I?: Visit the beta testing thread in this forum.

Do I get to use my Yahoo! ID in chat: Yes, the software is using your actually Yahoo! ID and authenticates through yahoo!.

Can we create our own Yahoo! Rooms again: Yes. YahTalk has a roomlist where users can create, or join a room.

Will Yahtalk be free: Yes, Yahtalk chat will be a free to use software, although you may be able to purchase perks in the future..

I've got Rare/Illegal IDS will I be able to use them in Yahtalk?: Yes, your illegals should work in Yahtalk just fine, as for caps we are still debating whether they will show up cap or not.

Will PMs and Webcam still work?: Yes.

 YahTalk Beta [updated Feb 7, 2013]

1) all yahoo ids should login now without the need to create an alias
2) server will allow a single ip to connect multiple times
3) server will now disconnect people flooding it with idle connections
4) YahTalk will 'ping' the server every 30 seconds to make sure you're still connected
5) several bugs causing a range of issues have been fixed.
6) names should no longer get stuck in a room

*features added
avatars have been added to YahTalk they are turned off by default you can goto settings to enable (note this feature will only be available to VIP members at release. I'll be providing a script to upload custom avatars soon until then this cant be used) 

Home Page:

Video Tutorial :


Developer: Yahtalk
Size / OS: 450 KB / Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8 /
License: Free
Last Updated: 07/02/2013

Installation Guide:

1 - Open programs for more instruction watching video tutorial.
2 - If not open for u,see this section:Click
3 - Maybe  your isp have problem with this programs ,for solved this issue use VPN: Link vpn free

Password File: file-24.com

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