Forum Proxy Leecher 1.11 Crack By Chatboy

Forum Proxy Leecher 1.11 Crack By Chatboy_(8-3-2011) !

Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract proxies from various proxy sites and proxy forums even if the proxies are in the attachment.

FPL proxy tester module (Bleach) is specially designed for huge list. It can extract the unique proxies from a huge file and rapidly classify them into 3 levels according to their

Added Leech site...(Updated Link)

                                    Main Features

  * Quickly get fresh proxies when you need
    * Support different types of forums
    * Support scanning attachments
    * Support non-forum proxy sites
    * FPL team maintains the leech list for you
    * Powerful proxy tester especially for huge list
    * Nice user interface and easy to use


Note: put the patch.exe in Forum Proxy Leecher folder and run  

Video TUT:

List Statistics (Proxy Websites):Click

Default Leech List:Click 
Forum Proxy Leecher 1.11 Crack By Chatboy_

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