How To Disable ADS In uTorrent
How To Disable ADS  In uTorrent !

The most popular file sharing service “Torrent” has upgraded its client with new features and started showing ads. I know that everyone does not like ads being shown above there downloads. So here I’ll be sharing a method for disabling the ads in uTorrent. This method does not require any  external software. Disabling of ads can be done by minor tweaks in the setting of the Utorrent client.....

Its begins with opening your uTorrent client. Click on options and open preferences.
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Now got to advanced in the left panel of the uTorrent client.

In the search bar found in the right panel of the advanced tab, start typing the following text to access the settings for it.

Then double click on the text in the right panel to change the value to false. You could also set the radio button to false and click OK.

Repeat the above steps for following settings


Now restart you uTorrent client and you’ll see no ads
U can download last version u Torrent here:Click 

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