Facebook Page Rename Trick 2015

New Way Of Changing Facebook Page Name Trick. Just follow easy steps By Steps Actually its not really official, Means its official but not for all countries, Its only for US and some countries, But we are using this by changing our computer IP address.

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser.                                                                      
  •              Chaning FaceBook Page Name                                      
  • Simple Install Zen Mate Extension in Chrome.
  • Now Input Your email and it will give you the password.
  • Now Just restart your Google Chrome Browser.
  • After restart just change Your Locations To USA location in Zen met.                   
  •                          Chaning FaceBook Page Name                                                 
  • Now simply login in Your Facebook account.
  • Now Goto Desire page and click on Update Info.                                                 
  •               Chaning FaceBook Page Name                                     
  • Now Click on Change name or Edit option.
  • You will see Request Change Option click on it.
  • Then Now a new window open Automatcally.                                                        
  •                Chaning FaceBook Page Name                                     
  • I Need To Change the name of My Page.
  • Just Choose any of these or you require.
  • Now Fill Old Page name and Give New Name.
  • Input Your Identity Of Government Issued Ids                                                       
  •                   Chaning FaceBook Page Name                                             
  • After all Just scan this and send it to Facebook using this.
  • Now its done Facebook team will reply for Name Changed
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