How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free - 2015

Android Market is Best Platform for Mobile Applications including many different categories on interest bases. Mostly all these categories are divided into two parts based on free or paid. Some apps are free for download but other remaining are paid apps. But the main question is why some paid ? This because most of big and complex apps which are not easy work for developers to create so they charge some money to get benefits of their work.  This is only depend on the mood of developers what they feel better so this is totally in hand of them to publish android apps as paid or as a free.

But as Aptitude of human nature, they always dreams of that thing which is difficult or not easy to acquire. LOL :D.  So don't worry to will try to make your dreams come true to use that apps which you need. As in my recent post i discuss about making Whatsapp free for lifetime and Now i will try to solve the problem about how you can use paid apps free. Their are already many different method which may or may not work but i will discuss only two methods which i find best instead of others. Before proceeding this tricks i also recommend you to take look on my recent article about

Method To Run Paid Android Apps

1st Method

In this method you have to download an apps name Black mart Alpha which helps you to download any android app from Google Play store which is paid. Mostly all paid apps are successfully work sometime you may got error must if you want to then follow below steps about its working

  • Firstly Download Black Mart Alpha From Here
  • Now Install it in your Android Phone
  • Now Search Any Paid Apps in Google Play store and remember the name of that app.
  • Now Open Black mart and in the search box enter the name of that app.
  • Now Download that particular app through Black Mart on your Mobile Phone.
  • Now Your Paid Apps is working Successfully.

    2nd Method

    In this method you have to download apps from some famous websites which are in the form of .apk extension and then you have to transfer them from PC to mobile.

    • Firstly you have to visit or  on your PC or your can also install their apps on your mobile phone.
    • Now open these sites and you have to search the exact name of particular apps which you want to download in the format of Appsname.apk . Don't forget to enter the name without .apk
    • Now download the apps from that site on your PC or laptop and transfer them on mobile phone 
    • Now install them on your phone and enjoy your new paid apps.

    In the end of this trick i only say sometime some apps may or may not work so please try it will any another apps because their is no chance any failure of this trick. I hope you find this trick amazing and working.
    If you face any kind of doubt feel free to share your comment .

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