+A Proxy Finder v1.13

+A Proxy Finder v1.13

+A Proxy Finder is a Windows program that can help you find and verify proxies of all kinds. The programs main function is to download and extract proxies from various websites and forums on the Internet. These proxies are then verified and can be used to hide your real IP address and help you become anonymous on the Internet.

Does this program contain ANY malware? [Top]
+A Proxy Finder is, and always will be 100% free of all kinds of harmful code such as spyware, adware and viruses. If you don't like the program you can always uninstall it without risking any kind of harm to your system.

A proxy is a program running on a computer that listens for incoming connections. If the proxy gets an incoming connection request and decides to accept it, then the proxy can hide your real IP address by forwarding all information for you to the destination of your choice. Here is an example to make it a little clearer. This is how a proxy can look when you find it on a website, "". This means that the proxy can be found on the IP address and that it's running on port 8080. If you decided to use this proxy in for example your webbrowser, all you traffic will first be routed to the proxy, then the proxy will request the website that you want. This means that the website will only see the IP address of the proxy, and your IP address will only be visible to the proxy.

System requirements 

Windows XP/Server/Vista/7
128 MB of RAM (256 recommended)
Internet connection

Home Page:

Note:halfway through the install a seperate box pops up asking if you want toolbars and shit just block it/qurantine it if your AV flags it, it won't stop the install of the main program.
It's clean.

Download +A Proxy Finder v1.13

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