~RCC-YmaiLworLd Exploit MaKer v5.0~ By _barako_ and goreky

~RCC-YmaiLworLd Exploit MaKer v5.0~ By _barako_ and goreky

This is only support:

Auto number@ymailworld maker!

Coming soon...


-New interface-
-Fastest exploit bot maker-
-Customizable/Randomize First Name and Last Name-
-Customizable/Randomize BirthDay-
-Customizable/Randomize Secret Questions and Answers-
-Customizable/Randomize Bot Name (ID)-
-Customizable/Randomize Bot Characters-
-Customizable/Randomize Password-
-Customizable Before and After format feature-
-Rotate Domain Name according to exploit features-
-Code/Uncode password feature-
-Autosave created ID's-
-Fixed Captcha image-
-Can Copy Selected Id on Created List to clipboard-
-Added Web Browser Tab
-Fixed Bug autosave

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