R4's Mic Locker v3.0

R4's Mic Locker v3.0 !

Updates News V3.0

-Fixed Script Error Bug
-Added Optional Support For 'Stay On Top'
Version 1, Forces Stay On Top!! Now Optional!!

General Information:

-Supports Any Version Messenger!!
-Supports Chat Room And Conference Mic Locking!!
-Smart Drag & Drop Design To identify Talk Button!
-Cool Hot Key Feature!! Ctrl + T , To Lock/unlock ...

What Does My Mic Do??

-It Holds Down the Talk button in your Yahoo Messenger!

For Chat Room Or Conference!! Making It Effortless...

To Sit There Talking On Mic, Much better Than Using Handsfree!

How To Use My Mic??

-Open My Mic!! Before or After getting Voice! Dont Matter!

-Once On Voice And Open, Then Click The Target Picture..

With left Mouse Click, And hold Down.. Drag it over Top..

Of the Yahoo TALK Button on Chat Window.. And Release left Click..

After You See The Lock Mic Button become Enabled at the Mic Locker!

-Now Your Ready To Lock the Talk Button Down using Buttons, or Hotkey!

-If You Close Chat Or Conference! And Join another One...

And MicLocker Still Open.. To Reset It And Use Again...

Just Click The Target Picture Again, Drag & Drop On TALK Again..

And When Lock Mic becomes Enabled, its ready to Use Again!!


-You Must Right Click 'My Mic' Exe, And Select To Run As Administrator!

Otherwise It Not Gona Work To Hold Down Talk button!! Ok!! Easy!!

Download  R4's Mic Locker v3.0

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