WinBus Messenger 1.0.63 Final

WinBus Messenger 1.0.63 Final !

Win Bus is an experimental work-in-progress private chat network for Y!Epic users. What does that mean? Well, you can sign up for an account here on the forums then log in with your Y!Epic forum account in the Win Bus login tab and join a live chat with various other Y!Epic users including Lee and myself - the best part is you can be in Yahoo! Chat rooms and Win Bus at the same time! Win Bus can be used for general chatting, technical support or just to talk with new people.

Here's some the current features Win Bus has...

- Share formatting support between Yahoo! Chat and Win Bus, so no need to re-customize your font settings!
- Voice chat support. Uses a special voice server that allows Win Bus users to use voice chat to chat with other Win Bus users!
- Create your own rooms. You can create your own rooms with Win Bus!
- Other standard features like Yahoo's emoticon support, username fade support, iTunes and Winamp support, ignore list, etc.

Here's some of the planned features for Win Bus...

- Private chats that'll allow you and another user or users to join a chat without worrying about anyone else joining.
- Private messages from and to other Win Bus users.
- Buddy list that'll allow you to befriend Win Bus users and see their online and offline status.
- Some other stuff, rather not give it all away you know? ;)

Home page: 


Size / OS: 4.2 MB / Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8 /
License: Free
Last Updated: 18/01/2013

Installation Guide:

1 - Install the software.
2 - U need "Account",Click here for register...

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