All Ocx and dll-Need Programs

All Ocx and dll-Need Programs !

OCX is a file extension for a custom control file format used by ActiveX forms. OCX is used for interface behaviors that are triggered by users or programs; like resizing windows or scroll bar movement.
For instance, a developer may add support for displaying more than 65 million colors to his program coded using VB.Net by incorporating a small OCX file in the program package. They may also improve the internet connectivity of their programs using an OCX file.

Updated: added Bootiran OCX Downloader 1.5!

Collection of essential files:

Download Vipra Pack ocx-dll

The information about Installer files are as follows:

Installer size : 42.2 MB
Disk Space required : 160 MB

Total number of files : 318

Number of OCX file(s) : 249
Number of DLL file(s) : 67
Number of ACM file(s) : 1
Number of TLB file(s) : 1

Also we are can use the following sites for download any ocx and dll:
Tools to register dll and ocx:

 1-Bootiran OCX Downloader 1.5 : Download Link

2-Component Register By ~PRiXi~: Download Link

3-DLL_OCX_Register By Dermot: Download Link

4-Registration Components By CRazYFULL: Download Link


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