Special ALT Characters§

Special ALT Characters§

CharacterALT Code*CharacterALT Code*CharacterALT Code*CharacterALT Code*CharacterALT Code*
Alt 1AAlt 65üAlt 129Alt 197ˆAlt 0136
Alt 2BAlt 66éAlt 130Alt 198Alt 0137
Alt 3CAlt 67âAlt 131Alt 199ŠAlt 0138
Alt 4DAlt 68äAlt 132Alt 200Alt 0139

Alt 5EAlt 69àAlt 133Alt 201ŒAlt 0140
Alt 6FAlt 70åAlt 134Alt 202Alt 0141
Alt 7GAlt 71çAlt 135Alt 203ŽAlt 0142
Alt 8HAlt 72êAlt 136Alt 204Alt 0145
Alt 9IAlt 73ëAlt 137Alt 205Alt 0146
Alt 10JAlt 74èAlt 138Alt 206Alt 0147
Alt 11KAlt 75ïAlt 139Alt 207Alt 0148
Alt 12LAlt 76îAlt 140Alt 208Alt 0150
Alt 13MAlt 77ìAlt 141Alt 209Alt 0151
Alt 14NAlt 78æAlt 145Alt 210˜Alt 0152
Alt 15OAlt 79ÆAlt 146Alt 211Alt 0153
Alt 16PAlt 80ôAlt 147Alt 212šAlt 0154
Alt 17QAlt 81öAlt 148Alt 213Alt 0155
Alt 18RAlt 82òAlt 149Alt 214œAlt 0156
Alt 19SAlt 83ûAlt 150Alt 215žAlt 0158
Alt 20TAlt 84ùAlt 151Alt 216ŸAlt 0159
§Alt 21UAlt 85ÿAlt 152Alt 217¤Alt 0164
Alt 22VAlt 86¢Alt 155Alt 218¦Alt 0166
Alt 23WAlt 87£Alt 156Alt 219¨Alt 0168
Alt 24XAlt 88¥Alt 157Alt 220©Alt 0169
Alt 25YAlt 89Alt 158Alt 221®Alt 0174
Alt 26ZAlt 90ƒAlt 159Alt 222¯Alt 0175
Alt 27[Alt 91áAlt 160Alt 223³Alt 0179
Alt 28\Alt 92íAlt 161αAlt 224´Alt 0180
Alt 29]Alt 93óAlt 162ßAlt 225¸Alt 0184
Alt 30^Alt 94úAlt 163ΓAlt 226UAlt 0185
Alt 31_Alt 95ñAlt 164πAlt 227¾Alt 0190
Alt 32`Alt 96ÑAlt 165ΣAlt 228ÀAlt 0192
!Alt 33aAlt 97ªAlt 166σAlt 229ÁAlt 0193
"Alt 34bAlt 98ºAlt 167µAlt 230ÂAlt 0194
#Alt 35cAlt 99¿Alt 168τAlt 231ÃAlt 0195
$Alt 36dAlt 100Alt 169ΦAlt 232ÄAlt 0196
%Alt 37eAlt 101¬Alt 170ΘAlt 233ÅAlt 0197
&Alt 38fAlt 102½Alt 171ΩAlt 234ÈAlt 0200
'Alt 39gAlt 103¼Alt 172δAlt 235ÉAlt 0201
(Alt 40hAlt 104¡Alt 173Alt 236ÊAlt 0202
)Alt 41iAlt 105«Alt 174φAlt 237ËAlt 0203
*Alt 42jAlt 106»Alt 175εAlt 238ÌAlt 0204
+Alt 43kAlt 107Alt 176Alt 239ÍAlt 0205
,Alt 44lAlt 108Alt 177Alt 240ÎAlt 0206
-Alt 45mAlt 109Alt 178±Alt 241ÏAlt 0207
.Alt 46nAlt 110Alt 179Alt 242ÐAlt 0208
/Alt 47oAlt 111Alt 180Alt 243ÒAlt 0210
0Alt 48pAlt 112Alt 181Alt 244ÓAlt 0211
1Alt 49qAlt 113Alt 182Alt 245ÔAlt 0212
2Alt 50rAlt 114Alt 183÷Alt 246ÕAlt 0213
3Alt 51sAlt 115Alt 184Alt 247ÖAlt 0214
4Alt 52tAlt 116Alt 185°Alt 248×Alt 0215
5Alt 53uAlt 117Alt 186Alt 249ØAlt 0216
6Alt 54vAlt 118Alt 187·Alt 250ÙAlt 0217
7Alt 55wAlt 119Alt 188Alt 251ÚAlt 0218
8Alt 56xAlt 120Alt 189Alt 252ÛAlt 0219
9Alt 57yAlt 121Alt 190²Alt 253ÜAlt 0220
:Alt 58zAlt 122Alt 191Alt 254ÝAlt 0221
;Alt 59{Alt 123Alt 192Alt 0128ÞAlt 0222
<Alt 60|Alt 124Alt 193Alt 0132ãAlt 0227
=Alt 61}Alt 125Alt 194Alt 0133ðAlt 0240
>Alt 62~Alt 126Alt 195Alt 0134ýAlt 0253
?Alt 63Alt 127Alt 196Alt 0135þAlt 0254
@Alt 64ÇAlt 128

§To obtain an ALT Character:
  1. Make certain that the Num Lock key has been pressed to activate the numeric key section of the keyboard.
  2. Depress the Alt key.
  3. While the Alt key is depressed, type the proper sequence of numbers (on the numeric keypad) of the ALT code from the table above.
  4. Release the Alt key, and the character will appear.
Some browsers do not recognize all of the ALT Characters.  Since each of the characters in the table above is virtually unique, seeing multiple cells of the same character most likely indicates that your browser does not recognize the codes of some of the characters.  Therefore, it does not know what those characters should  look like, and it inserts its own character each time.  If this is the case for you, then view a graphic image of how the table should look.
*There are some gaps in the numerical sequence of ALT Character codes because either those items do not exist, or else they are duplicates of characters listed elsewhere.  Many Special ALT Characters, Special HTML Characters, and Special <Font Face="Symbol"> Characters are the same.
Some word processing programs and browsers will not recognize all Alt characters.

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