R4 Cookie Server Bot Checker 2.7

R4 Cookie Server Bot Checker 2.7 !

-Updated the Cookie Servers, Removing Alot of none working ones!
-Removed the Update Check System!!! :)

This is a 3000 Yahoo ID Checker!
Its The Fastest, And Most Reliable!
Its Using 201 Servers now in 2.6 To Check!
Thats Why it can Check so Many and still Be Running...
It Auto removes Server that you get IP banned from...
So you know when you Out of Servers to Check with, you cant Check anymore!!

I recommend Testing upto 3000 2 times a day or 1 time a day!
It will go back recheck any bots it missed after reching the end..Sometimes might get stuck retrying some that dont get No Reponse...
That would be on a few like 3 at the end of a big check or soemthing maybe....
I dunno, ive seen it happen, unlikely though!
Just Stop it an Save you Good Bots! If Happens.
Otherwise it Auto stops when Done. An you can Save your Good Bots!

   Download R4 Cookie Server Bot Checker 2.7

                                                       PASSWORD : file-24.com

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