Pepsi Man Pc Game Full

Pepsi Man Pc Game Full

In 1999, a Japanese gaming company by the name of KID (Kindle Imagine Develop) created a video game for the PlayStation entitledPepsiman. It basically expanded on the same type of adventures that Pepsiman encountered in the commercials. The game itself was a hybrid of the old arcade game Paperboy and PlayStation game Crash Bandicoot. As Pepsiman, the player could run,

skateboard, roll, and stumble through various areas, avoiding dangers and collecting cans of Pepsi all the while. If certain time constraints were not met, you would not reach the thirsty people at the end of the level to quench their thirst. Each stage was broken up by minigame-like sequences in which the camera reversed directions and Pepsiman would have to run away from a large object threatening to crush him. Several humorous references to rival soft-drink companies were made, such as a level which remakes a commercial in which Pepsiman was chased down a dark alley by a truck emblazoned with a logo which bore a strong resemblance to Coca Cola's (titled "Cave Pizza").. By default, Pepsiman was kitted up with his second costume, but his original costume was an unlockable extra. Additionally, by collecting all of the pepsi cans in every level (100 per level), a wire-frame version of Pepsiman's costume. The game also featured bizzare cutscenes between levels, which consisted entirely of a somewhat obese caucasian male (played by movie actor Mike Butters) drinking Pepsi, eating chips and pizza, and watching TV while delivering lines, mostly Pepsi slogans rendered in humorously broken Engrish. The game was only released in Japan, but is easy to find in import game collector circles.

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