SYN Scanner for Proxy servers V1.0 + Serial (Proxy Scanner)

SYN Scanner for Proxy servers V1.0 + Serial (Proxy Scanner) !

SYN Scanner for Proxy server can help you find proxy servers for Windows quickly and efficiently.
We aim to provide more reliable and efficient software for proxy scan.
It scans 3,600,000 IP addresses per hour, without missing or errors!
Find your proxy servers by yourself. It is so easy to use even for a computer beginner.

SYN Scanner for Proxy server can scan/check HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5;
SYN Scanner for Proxy server works with SYN scan, It is one of the fastest scanners at present.
It scans 3,600,000 Ports per hour without any missing or errors! It is faster than any other TCP scanners.
SYN Scanner for Proxy server has adjustable scan speed.
You can control the speed accurately from the range of 10 ports/second to 1000 ports/second.
You can adjust the scanner to an appropriate speed and simultaneously play games online.
Raw Socket Mode is the recommended mode, which supports WinNT, Win2k, WinXP sp1, and Win2003 SP0.
Pcap Drivers Mode supports almost all windows operation systems including WIN-XP SP2 and win2003 SP1+/Vista.
It is the first fast SYN scanner for these OSs as far as I know.
(Note: PPP connection is NOT supported by WinPcap driver for sending data, so this tool can't work with PPP connection.
Read details in help.)
Low CPU usage, low memory usage, and low bandwidth usage, run for a long time.
SYN Scanner for Proxy server has user friendly interface, and demo guide.
SYN Scanner for Proxy server cannot be used illegally as a DDOS tool and hacker tool.


Size / OS: 1.5 MB / Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8 /
License: Full
Last Updated: 23/12/2012

Installation Guide:

1 - Install the software.
2 - Add serial:name,mail and key
3 - Run the software,and before use read Help programs in the folder!

Password File:

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