Y-F Room Spammer 1.2 By I-N-D-R-A + Video

Y-F Room Spammer 1.2 By I-N-D-R-A !

*Single Message Spam
*Multi Message Spam
*Room Welcome And Bye Spam
*Room Lagger
*Mimic Chat Room
*Spy Bot
*Tattoo For Spam, Mimic And Spy Bot
*Font Settings For Spam, Mimic And Spy Bot
*Updated for yahoo japan chat


YF Room Spammer By I-N-D-R-A

Login And Join :

1. Load Bots
2. Load Socks
3. Login Bots
4. Enter Number Of Bots In " # Join " Box For Join Bots
5. Choose Captcha In Single Box OR Multi Box
6. Enter Room Name OR Choose From Room List 
(For Opening Room List Click On Room Name Box , Click Open Room List)
7, Click Join Room
8. Enter Captcha 
9. Double Click On Bot List For Select Master Bot

Now Your Bots In Room & You Are Selected MAster Bot

Room Spam :

Rnd Chr = Random Characters
Chr Length = Character Length

Single Message Spam >

1. Enter Random Characters & Length OR Leave It Default.
2. Select Random Chaters Show On BeFore Spam Message OR After Spam Message (With Random Characters Your Bots Will Not Auto IgnORe In Chat Clients OR Messenger)
3. Enter Your Spam Message 
Example With ColOR And Font : 
<font face="Impact" size="15"><b><fade #5A83A5,#5A83A5,#1A1C23,#5A83A5,#5A83A5,#1A1C23>Hello Room!</fade></font></b>

Where Its Says " Hello Room!" Enter Your Spam Message

Change Font Face Size And Fade ColOR OR Leave It Default

4. Change Speed Default Is 1.0 Seconds
5. Click Start

Multiple Message Spam >

1. Right Click On Box Click Load Messages
Click Add Message In List

2. Follow Same Steps As Above

Lagg >
For Using Lagg Options Right Click On Multi Message List Box, Now U Can See Lagg Options, 
I Have Added 6 Lagg Option But U Can Easily Create Your Own If You Want,, 
For Creating Your Own Lagg Simply Add Lagg Messages On Multi List Box

Mimic :

Mimic Single User >

1. For Mimic Single User Enter User OR Select From Room List (For Select From Room List Double Click On List ID)
2. Select Master Will Send Mimic Message OR All Bots Send Mimic Message
3. Click On Mimic Single User When Selected User Will Type Anything In Room Your Bots Will Send Same Messages With Same Font

Mimic All Room User >

1. Click On Mimic All Room User 
2. Select Master Will Send Mimic Message OR All Bots Send Mimic Message

(If Master Bot Not Selected Then It Will Show Message "Master Not Selected Yet" Otherwise It Will Show Master ID There)

Option - Exclude My Bots >
This Option Will Detect Your Bots When Sending Mimic Messeges In Room
So If This Option Is Enable, After Detect Your Bots Will Not Mimc Each Other Messages.

Friend Spam / Welcome
You Can Use This Option For Welcoming Your Friends Or All Room
Welcome In Room 
Welcome In Pm
Bye In Room
Bye In Pm
Boot On Welcome /Join

* %User% Will Auto Replace With Username When Any One Enter In Room Or Leave Room , Also Same For %Room% Detect Chat Room Name.

Select Master Will Send This Messages Or All Bots Will Send.

It Will Detect Users Chat Client 
For Enable This Option U Need To Click On Enable Spy

U Can Also Chat In Room With This Section
Enter Your Message Where Its Says "Send Message In Room"

[You Can Change Your Master ID Anytime For Mimic OR Welcoming Users Or For Chatting In Room]
[Remember You Need To Double Click On Bot Name For Using As Master ID ]

Extra Function 
Auto Join On User Left >
If This Option Is Enabled Then When Anyone Left In Room, You Bot Will Show Captcha To Join Room.

Enable Ghost Mod >
If This Option Is Enable Then After Join Room Your Bots Will Sent Packet For Ghost Mod
This Feature Required Profile Or Alias IDs 

Tattoo >
You Can Set Tattoo For Your Spam , Welcome And Spy Bot 

Font >
You Can Set Font For You Spam , Welcome And Spy Bots

Character Limit (IMP)

I Have Not Set Limit For Spam Message Length Cause You Can Send 800 Characters On Messenger 
But If Your Message Character Length Is More Then 300 Then It Will Not Show On Chat Clients Cause Chat Clients Filtering Chat Messages 
IF You Are Start Spam And Cant See Your Spam Messages On Chat Clients That Means Your Spam Message Character Length Is More Then 300
Simply Remove Some Character And Start Again.
300 Character Including With Font Settings , Random Characters And Similey Codes

Exampel : 

**==<font face="Impact" size="20"><fade #717D7D,#AFC7C7>Coded By Indra (www.y-fighter.com)</fade>>-)
Total Characters = 100
Actual Message Character = 34

Version 1.2

-Updated for yahoo japan chat
-Remove trial things now its full free
-Added http proxy login support
-Login through http proxy to avoid ip ban

Video(Before Version 1.1):


Developer: www.y-fighter.com
Size / OS: 2.3 MB / Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8 /
License: Free
Last Updated: 08/01/2013

Installation Guide:

1 - Run the software.before (reg ocx and dll)

Password File: file-24.com

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